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Office Cleaning in Sydney Can Help Assure the Health of Your Employees

Office Cleaning in Sydney Can Help Assure the Health of Your Employees

No one likes to work in a dirty environment. Imagine you are at your desk and there is a messy, unclean, bacterial environment with garbage spread around you. No matter how much you want to ignore it, it will still be annoying to you and will not allow you to work with full efficiency. Office cleaning may not seem that important but it can affect the mental and physical levels of people working in that particular workspace.

Office Cleaning in Sydney Can Help Assure the Health of Your Employees

If you want your clients to respect your business and your staff to put in their full efficiency in their work that’s been allotted to them, you need to make sure that the workplace is clean and hygienic. An unhygienic and cluttered workspace can have several psychological effects for those staff members that are required to work in the workplace.

One way a workplace can affect your employees is through sensory stimulation. If a few moments spent looking at and interacting with a dirty office is already unpleasant, imagine having to do so the entire working day. Employees and staff members working in a dirty workplace will be sloppy and careless.

Working in a dirty office encourages low morale among the employees. A bright cheery workplace creates a happy work environment for the employees where the employees give their best in all the work that is given to them. Unhygienic conditions will further lead to higher occurrences of accidents and sickness which could only make things worse.


It is possible to lessen clutter in your office. Coming up with workplace policies regarding hygiene and cleanliness would ensure that your workplace is clean. This should begin with a personal hygiene policy as it is the easiest for workers to follow and implement. The use of hand sanitizers and frequent hand washing should help reduce the chances of illness.
The next mandatory policy is workplace cleanliness. Each employee can be made responsible for the cleanliness on their desk which will ultimately help to reduce the clutter. Eventually, certain rules should be made and followed by everyone on the use of office facilities like the kitchen and the bathroom.


Even with all these precautions and care, hiring excellent commercial cleaning services is still necessary. Despite all your best efforts there may still be dirt and garbage that may accumulate and having professional services like Commercial Cleaning Sydney ready to clean them up makes things easy. Using the latest in cleaning technology combined with excellent service, these companies should help ensure that your offices are spic-and-span.

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How to remove alcohol stains from carpet

How to Remove Alcohol Stains from Carpet

You’ve organized a party at your place and just experienced a shock on seeing alcohol stains on your prized carpet. Let’s face it, it is bound to happen to all of us at one time or another. You take every precaution to protect your carpet in hopes that no accidents or carpet stains will ever occur and compromise its beautiful appearance but no one can stop a mishap that is bound to happen. You’ll be able to get the stain out right away before it sets itself if you’re quick to do it. Act fast and you’ll be able to reduce the stain. There are many ways that you can remove carpet stains, but it is to your advantage to be educated and armed with some tried and true techniques and methods to remove the carpet stains.

How to remove alcohol stains from carpet
To start the cleaning process follow the below steps:

1. Arrange for a small bucket of a mild detergent, such as warm water and dishwashing liquid.
2. Dip paper towel or a cloth into the bucket and blot onto the damaged area. Avoid rubbing the cloth into the carpet and rather allow the cloth to soak up the alcohol.
3. Put together two cups of warm water and a cup of white vinegar. To add the same mix together, you can use a spray bottle. Spray the alcohol stain with this mixture and carry on to blot up the alcohol in the carpeting. The vinegar will neutralize the alcohol stain and the odor as well.
4. Apply a third blotting with cold water.
5. Continue to absorb all of the liquid with clean, white towels.
6. Let the area dry thoroughly and then go over it with a vacuum cleaner.
You can now relax as the carpet has got its beautiful appearance like before. Follow these steps and we are sure that you’ll be pleased with the results.

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Cleaning Red Wine Spills from Your Carpet

Cleaning Red Wine Spills from Your Carpet

Having spilled milk on your carpet is surely not a thing to worry about but if instead of milk its red wine, this time, it will make you worry a lot. And if the carpet is white then you need to worry the most. What can you do to remove red wine stains from your carpet?

Cleaning Red Wine Spills from Your Carpet

What do you do immediately after this happens? The first response is to take a clean cloth, soak it in cold water and dab it over the spill. Get as much as of the excess wine up and out of the carpet. It’s essential to do this straight away. Once you get the majority of the wine bottled up, next you can tackle the stains with a variety of wine stain weapons. For beginners, you can take your favorite carpet shampoo or clothing stain remover, and clean as you would if the wine stain were a bit of dirt on the carpet or clothing. Or you can go for a less conventional, but often times more successful approach and try one of these tried and true wine stains solutions.

White wine can prove to be your true partner when red wine is spilled onto your carpet or clothes. White wine will help counteract red wine and will make it uncomplicated to lift the color off of your carpet or clothing. Simply pour some white wine over the stained area and very gently blot the liquid up with a thick towel (be very careful not to rub as this will force the stain into the carpet or clothing fibers). If the stain can be still seen, you can soda or salt to continue lifting out pigment.

There are a number of methods for removing red wine stains that have worked well in a pinch, see which one works well for you. Keep in mind, whatever you do, don’t let the spill sit for long before taking action, the longer it sits the more strenuous it will be to lift the stain from your carpet or clothing.

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Advantages of Hiring Professional Commercial Office Cleaning Services

Advantages of Hiring Professional Commercial Office Cleaning Services

Advantages of Hiring Professional Commercial Office Cleaning Services

Employees of any company spend several hours in the office each day. Every person likes a clean setting while they work at their desk for hours. A clean and neat office seems to be a universal work-enhancing factor.

Commercial office cleaning services offer the best cleaning services in which they cover all things that need to be cleaned well. A professional commercial office cleaning services is a must for those firms who have different floors. Hiring a professional office cleaning service could be one of the best decisions you make for your office. The following advantages come with doing so:

Contracting out cleaning work gives everyone in the office peace of mind. Employees need not leave their job tasks to do other work. Having a routine cleaning service ensures that they take care of all the work that needs to be done which gives employees more time in their day to do work and also they can be productive in a cleaner surrounding. There are some great benefits of working with a professional commercial office cleaning service. You will be offered some discounts on continuing commitment and an element of trust is built up as the years pass by. The commercial office cleaning service will become acquainted with your office routine and will plan out the tasks accordingly.

Apart from sticking to the daily routine, there are also some specific benefits of hiring a top of the line commercial office cleaning company. We understand that the office security is of great importance and therefore while we hire people we verify them with the police. Also, we are fully licensed and insured and that is a guarantee of the level of services offered by us. Most importantly, we use eco-friendly, non-abrasive mild cleaning solutions that are not only safe for your premises but also not harmful for the staff in your office and the environment.

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Prepare Your Home For Christmas

How to prepare your home for Christmas

Prepare Your Home For Christmas

The season of Christmas is just round the corner. You have less than a month to do the preparation from shopping, parties to decorating your home and most importantly getting the house in shape ready for the hordes of visitors.
Here are our top time-saving tips that we have assembled to make you ready for the big day:
Love Lists
A number of lists that you need to put together like the gift list, card list, to-do list, baking list, events list and parties – you name it, combine it all on a separate list so that you can check it off and reduce stress. Place it on a position everyone in the house can see and can help you where they can.
Clear out stuff & Donate
While getting your house in shape, you will come across many clothes and toys that you do not need to store in and such stuff can be given out to donate.
Make an enormous welcome:
You’ll have several visitors coming over to celebrate or drop in with gifts for you and your family and they, of course will come in from your entry way, so make a good impact here and it’ll have a knock-on effect throughout your house. It just needs to be neat & tidy, so even 5 minutes spare will do the trick. Remove all cobwebs with a broom or a flat mob and quickly wipe down dusty surfaces on the door and any windowsills with an all-purpose cloth. For an extra welcome, hang a wreath on the door so that it makes your entrance look beautiful.
Be Strategic with Lighting
Use Christmas lighting or candles to highlight main points inside and outside the home while taking attention away from the areas you want to disguise.
Pay Heed to Dining Areas
If you’re organizing a meal at Christmas time but are short on cleaning time, it makes sense to clean up areas that will be mostly used up by the visitors – the dining area. Take out all the cobwebs, clean all windows and glass doors and mop the floor. Bring in greenery or place a bunch of fresh flowers that will give your home the perfect Christmas look.
Make use of scent to create the Christmas mood
A tuneful and melodious Christmas is on everyone’s wish list which is why calming scents like cinnamon and cloves are so popular at this time. Use any of these in scented candles or in baking so that the fragrance will waft throughout your home.
Bust into Bathrooms
Get your bathroom to be as clean and hygienic as possible as that is one thing that will be used by the visitors at some point of time. Try to maintain the cleanliness all throughout the festive period.
Wrap it Right
Put an end to last minute panic by wrapping each gift and writing out the tag as it is bought. Make sure you don’t run out of wrapping paper or tape at 11.55pm on the 24th! Therefore, it’s better to have the gifts all ready for the Christmas Day. Many people struggle with wrapping gifts follow a few tips and do it right or you could even ask the store keeper to wrap it for you after you’ve bought the gift at the store.
Shop Smart – Shop Online!
If there is any perfect time to shop online, Christmas is the one. With crowds, shortage of parking spaces and the Christmas carols playing over the loudspeakers, it can actually make it more difficult for you to pick up that perfect gift. Instead, consider heading online where you can get all the possible stuff you need to buy as presents. Also, make sure to get in early enough to give the time for the gift to arrive, otherwise that will be a tricky one to explain to the kids on Christmas morning!

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Christmas Cleaning Sydney

Top Tips to Make Your Home for Christmas

Prepare Your Home For Christmas_Blog image

With a Christmas celebration coming soon, it’s a good idea to prepare your home for Christmas by cleaning and tidying various parts of your house. You may be wondering how you will do it all! With the shopping and decorating for parties, there is little time available for getting the house cleaned and ready for visitors.
JASMINE CLEANING SERVICES provides efficient cleaning services with a personal touch, which will help make your life simpler and also ensure that your home stays sparkling clean. Here are top five tips that will help you to prepare your home for Christmas:
• Learn to Love Lists: A gift list, to-do list, party’s event list, pop them on the fridge so everyone in the family is aware and can contribute to help where they can.

• Cleanup & Donate: If you have children, you will surely have an abundant of idle items with nowhere to place them. Go through existing toys and clothes and make out which need to go into storage and which needs to be donated.

• Hire a Cleaning Service Company: If you plan to get your house cleaned for Christmas, you possibly expect pre-party cleaning. Resolve to make this task a little easier with Jasmine Cleaning Services. You can get Pre-party cleaning service or after party cleaning service done only for $80 for 2 hrs. You can also get the best carpet cleaning service here at affordable rates.

• Make a Big Welcome: Anybody who comes over to have fun or visit with gifts has to enter through your entrance. So make a good impression, and it’ll have a knock-on effect all through your house. It doesn’t need to be cleaned too much, just neat and tidy. Jasmine cleaning services will provide you with all the home cleaning services in Australia. You can hire them for Pre-party cleaning service only for $80 for 2 hrs.

• Use Cologne to Create the Christmas Mood: A pleasant Christmas is on everyone’s wish list, which is why calming aromas like cloves and cinnamon are so popular at this time. Whichever is great to smell, use that in scented candles to breeze all through your home.

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7 quick kitchen cleaning tips

7 quick Kitchen Cleaning Tips

7 quick kitchen cleaning tips

Kitchen is always the messiest place because of the various food preparations and this makes it difficult to clean. Nobody admires to work or even stay in a messy place. Most of them believe in the proverb ‘Cleanliness is next to godliness’. As nowadays, every other person has become busy with their lives, so there is no time for mopping the floor or washing the dishes.

Due to these reasons, we have 7 quick kitchen tips that will guide you to remarkable cleaning

1. First of all, finish of the piles of utensils in the sink by cleaning them. The spills need to be wiped away immediately. Because when the sink is empty, you can start with the cooking. We feel contended as it becomes easier for us to handle the rest of the cleaning work.

2. Then work towards the sink to be clean so that the dishes don’t get greasy because soon there will be more dishes when the cooking is done. You can add 3-4 tablespoons of white vinegar when the cooking is in process. The vinegar does the work of cutting through the grease.

3. To remove remnants of grated food, you should always keep a brush handy as removing the grated foods from the cheese grater can be difficult.

4. Do you have plastic containers at your place that are filled with various sauces? Though we all love to have our food with these various sauces, it is not that easy to wipe them about. So you can use the vegetable oil to wipe the container.

5. When your kitchen bin stinks, just place an old newspaper at the bottom of the bin and use baking powder to sprinkle over it. This helps by absorbing and trapping the various smells from the bin.

6. The swiftest way to clean a microwave is to put wet towels inside the microwave oven for about 5 minutes to steam so that it will soften the grime. The interior of the microwave oven can be wiped with these wet towels.

7. Stains that are in the interiors of the coffee cups can be removed by scrubbing with vinegar and salt.

Jasmine Kitchen Cleaning Services is a professional cleaning service in Sydney that provides residential and commercial cleaning services. There are cleaners and janitors who are trained in each cleaning tasks for spring cleaning tasks and to improve the appearance of the cleanliness of the building/business and facilities.

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Best Commercial Cleaning Services Sydney

Commercial Cleaning Sydney

‘Health is Wealth’ goes the famous saying. Many of us do follow that in a daily basis. Our lives at our respective office has always been a hectic routine. We all want our office to be spotless. The working environment should be clean and friendly. At least, those are our expectations because the dirt particles can cause us allergies.

An unclean environment can lead us to various sickness which we may never know or never expect. So, it is not only on us that we have to take care of ourselves but on the company as well to hire workers to clean the office. If the company has shortage of employees or employers due to sick leave that would in turn be a disaster to the company or business. It is the responsibility of the workers and not the employers or employees to clean out the trash, recycle and other mess in the office.

Commercial cleaning is a term used by cleaning companies who carry out cleaning services in various industries. Jasmine Cleaning Services are the professional cleaning service which includes servicing in all the Sydney areas such as Eastern Suburbs, Watson Bay, Edgecliff, Rose Bay, Waterloo and more. These professional cleaning service at Edgecliff and various other areas have servicing for residential and commercial cleaning. Jasmine House Cleaning Services includes servicing for office, restaurants and retail. Their services include mopping, cleaning, trash removal, carpet vacuuming, window washing, oven degreasing, restroom sanitization and others.

They are a team of dedicated and trained house cleaners and janitors in Rose Bay and Edgecliff. They believe in maintaining and improving the appearance and cleanliness of the business or company. They also have an end of lease cleaning. During 1989-1999, the Australian cleaning industry had generated about $2,137 million. Cleaning of buildings and offices, retail premises and education premises were the main sources of income. 76 percent was generated from private sector clients and the rest was from the government sector clients.

A good working environment will only enhance the working of the employees or employers. When the working quality is enriched, the company is sure to improve. Always keep your surroundings at work clean.

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Best Residential Cleaning Services Sydney

Best Residential Cleaning Services Sydney

Best Residential Cleaning Services Sydney

The famous saying ‘Home Sweet Home’ grabs our mind as there is nothing better than being at home and being near our loved ones. But for that we need to learn to keep our house clean as no one likes to live in a messy and disorganized house. It is difficult to manage our house with our busy lives. Cleaning our house every day and keeping things organized is very exhausting and takes all of our time and efforts. At first, it may seem easier to keep our house tidy but later it may seem difficult. It may especially seem tough for a single person to do all the cleaning of the house.

Jasmine cleaning service is a professional cleaning company that provides service at the many areas of Sydney. Our Cleaning services at Darlinghurst provides services all year around. Our company has daily, fortnightly, monthly and even delivers one time cleaning. We deliver quality and timely services instead of you slogging in to clean all day. We make it easier and beneficial for you. Our professionals will mop your floor and remove the dirt and grime. Our professional cleaning services will keep your house sparkling without a single spot to be found anywhere whether on the surfaces, windows, tables or doors.

Our carpet dry cleaning services have always had astonishing results by removing all the tough stains. Our residential cleaning services at Darlinghurst provides cleaning in living and bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and brunch. There are also deep cleaning services that are provided. You can always trust us and our office cleaning services, Sydney, NSW. We see to your needs and clean accordingly. Keeping your home healthy and happy is what we do. We make the atmosphere of your house have positive impact on your lives through our cleaning services. You are sure to be fully satisfied with us.

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Easy Tips to Keep Your Home Cool During Summer

Summer is here in full swing and it feels like it’s just getting hotter as the days go by. Having an air-conditioner does help a lot in these hot seasons but it will surely make a dent in your electric bills. However, there are ways you can keep yourself and your home cool during summer using a few simple tricks that we will share with you in this article. Following are a few tips brought to you by Jasmine Cleaning Services Sydney, which will help you beat the heat until the next season comes along.
1. Use curtain or blinds over windows:
If you are out of your home during the day for work, then remember to keep cover the windows of your home with curtains or blinds. Doing this small thing can help you keep your home cooler as curtains block the heat of summer from entering your home. When there is no heat entering your home, it will stay cool until you return home in the evening.
2. Keep your insides cool:
You should also try to keep yourself (i.e. your body cool) in summers by having more chilled drinks and juices. We are not saying that you should sip on chilled coke or root beer all day, but try making your own ice cocktails and fruit juices. Lemonade is easy to make and is an effective cooler during summer. Watermelon juice is another cooling alternative. Try it and see for yourself.
3. Make the most of cool nights:
The temperate usually falls when evening rolls around in the summer season. This results in cool nights. Make the most of these cool nights by letting the natural cool air circulate throughout your home. Now is the time to open your windows so that the cool air can come in. Make sure that you also open all the doors in your home to allow for maximum circulation of this cool air.
We at Jasmine Cleaning Services, know how much you love your home and also how you go through great lengths to take care of it. To hire the best Cleaning services in Sydney, contact us at or log on to

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